Today we launched Seedling Grow, a super cute app that allows you to create a timelapse app of small seedlings you are planting.

The cool thing is that every day that you take a picture it has the overlay of the day before to help you shoot it. Also it has reminders so that you can consistently take the picture.

It is something simple but the idea is to let kids explore, learn and be marveled about the miracle of life right in front of their eyes.

It was a simple and cute app and personally I am starting to have my son Leo plant a little bean and I will post the results later in here. Lets hope it all goes as planned.

It was only released in iOS, and it was nothing revolutionary to share as far as the tech, and more as an exercise of flexing muscle at our capacity of delivering something good. I give it an A plus because it is a simple and brilliant concept. I keep getting marveled at Kyle’s ability to come up with compelling ideas. I also would like to give the big majority of the praise here to Austin for brilliantly developing this and Jared for all his artwork that has made of Seedling a staple name in the app sphere.