Today we launched our Seedling Comic Studio, a really cool app that is for young and grown ones. It is packed with different themes and with

We wanted to make the first Seedling digital product a blockbuster and it is the app that we spent the most time thinking, prototyping, testing and carefully crafting. I am really proud of it as it incorporates some technology we had developed in the past.

The cool thing is that this app provides backgrounds and stickers in several themes: Comic, Pixel, Space, Adventure, Doodle, Haunted. It is equipped with different kinds of speech bubbles that are easily customizable through different fonts - all included.

One extra unique and also a powerful technology we had developed a year before for our Moonfrye app. Such part is an algorithm that recognizes human shapes in an image and I wrote it in C++ and it is utilizing a computer vision framework called OpenCV. Here we utilize it to create stickers that you can lay in your comic book. Personally I think its a really clever way of utilizing technology as a creative tool.

The rest of this app is written almost in its entirety in Swift, Apple’s new programming language. At Seedling we’ve learned to love it as it makes things quite readable and the nice thing is that XCode allows you to connect low level libraries connect all the way through to Swift (Swift <-> ObjC <-> C++).

I really want to praise the work of Austin our mobile Engineer who poured a lot of love and looking into every detail into getting this app to be an excellent product. However he did only one third of the work, the other two thirds of the praise also goes to Kyle for handholding this project and Jared for making all the visuals such an exquisite app.