My family and I want to wish you that 2016 is a year full of Love, Health, Happiness, Joy, Success & Prosperity.

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I am not a New Years resolutions kind of guy. Typically If I want something, I pretty much start working on it immediately and, if possible, I’ll grab a date that is convenient to mark a milestone to remember. For example, two years ago I decided that my own birthday present to myself was going to be practicing meditation constantly and I have and it has helped me in numerous ways.

This year as my birthday came along I thought that by my next birthday I want to be able to sing rock and be the frontman of a band. - Yes at 36 I still think of that and I do it because I love doing that.

Stress is the new smoking

I am not a smoker. Actually I am quite a healthy person but I do stress easily. And stressing is related to a bunch of health issues, just like tobacco is!. 2015 was an emotional rollercoaster and around May, I was diagnosed with LPR (silent reflux) which I was able to address it really quick with a change of diet and being conscious of what I eat. Unfortunately, the help I got, instilled the fear of god about everything I eat and I realize that it accentuated a dormant issue I’ve had for years: I am a chronic worrier and a hypochondriac.

Sure, at times worrying about stuff has been useful, but now I think it is slowing me down and I want to use this date to set goals and compare myself to how I did last year.

In 2016, my goals are:
  1. Enjoy the present.
  2. Not be worried or anxious about things that I don’t have right now.
  3. Be able to accept that where I am is where I am supposed to be.

I think that by the end of the year I should have made significant progress in controlling my stress.

Here’s to 2016!